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Claudia Oshry Girl With No Job Download [PDF]

Girl With No Job
Title : Girl With No Job
Author : Claudia Oshry
Publisher : Gallery Books
Category : Humor
Release : January 26, 2021
File type : PDF, ePub, eBook
File : Girl With No Job-Claudia Oshry.pdf
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Few (if any) information of Girl With No Job

A laugh-out-loud funny look at pop culture and social media stardom from one of the most popular funemployed millennials today, perfect for fans of Next Level Basic and The Betches. As the creator of the breakout Instagram account @GirlWithNoJob, Claudia Oshry has turned not wanting an ordinary career into a thriving media company and pop culture-focused podcast and morning show. The origins of her pop culture obsessions can be traced back to household debates over boy bands, and her flair for the dramatic to her young emulation of Blair Waldorf. When she started @GirlWithNoJob, Claudia entered that world herself as a social media influencer, sharing her unbelievable—and unbelievably awkward—encounters with some of her favorite A-listers as she navigates her incredible access. Now, in this juicy, behind-the-scenes look at the life of an Instagram sensation, Claudia leaves nothing out as she contemplates staying true to yourself while hustling in today’s digital culture. Sometimes the best lessons are learned the hard way, and her journey hasn’t been without its punch-in-the-face doses of humility. But, like anyone with a relentless desire to be popular, she dusts herself off and finds a new, better way forward. With humor and unique insights, Claudia examines the nature of social media celebrity, the many sides of fandom, and cancel culture. If there’s one thing she knows for sure, she was born thirsty, and she’s here for another round!

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